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Windows Tablet App

Financial Group Seeks to Improve Consultations
CAPTRUST is a privately held invest/retirement financial group headquartered in Raleigh. With a commitment to guide “clients with exceptional clarity as they work through the increasing volatility and complexities in the financial markets,” they wanted to create a tablet app for use during financial consultations. CAPTRUST was looking for a solution to create an engaging and productive consultation for both the financial planner and the client.

Windows App Makes the Complex Simple 
The business of providing financial advice is known to be a burdensome manual process. Traditionally, multiple client/advisor meetings occur before arriving at the destination of true financial advice and an ongoing relationship. Onboarding clients through the manual exchange of data and number crunching behind the scenes makes the process of gaining a new client lengthy. One on one meetings between financial advisors and clients are an intimate way to build a relationship but exasperate the struggle of growing a client base with any speed in the market.  

CAPTRUST wanted to simplify the complexity of the experience for both clients and financial advisors and provide clients with immediate predictive analysis. CAPTRUST leadership believed that a tool enabling Financial Advisors to reach more than one client at a time while still having the effect of a 1-on-1 meeting would decrease the sales cycle and improve the overall on-boarding experience for clients.

CAPTRUST collaborated with Cardinal Solutions to create a Windows tablet application with a simple user experience. Financial Advisors now guide clients through a “Board Room” experience with the tablet device to blueprint how they are progressing toward their retirement goals. The client enters personal financial information in the tablet application where it is combined with current economic data (e.g. inflation variables, social security benefits) and CAPTRUSTS’ proprietary calculation engine. The app forecasts outcomes based on current or initial savings and investment practices which then allows user interaction to responsively forecast varying outcomes and investment strategies. The outcome at the end of the Board Room session is a blueprint on the client’s financial goals and an opportunity to engage with a CAPTRUST Financial Advisor to improve those outcomes. 

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