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Serverless Computing Workshop

Serverless computing is potentially a new transformative technology that will change the way applications are written, deployed and managed. This transformative change is based in part on the role of virtualization:

  • Hypervisors virtualized the hardware with VMs as the units of scaling
  • Containers virtualized the OS and use applications as scaling unit, and
  • Serverless virtualizes the runtime, providing Functions as the unit of scaling.

By moving virtualization up the stack, this eliminates having to think about the provisioning and management of infrastructure, brings more focus to the business logic of the application, and we can more easily take full advantage of the scale, elasticity and agility of the cloud. This accelerates application modernization, improves efficiency and achieves cost reduction, since pricing is based upon on-demand utilization. Containers also represent a much improved approach for application development, but usually require an orchestrator such as Kubernetes for container management. Kubernetes definitely makes containerized applications easier to manage, but may have too steep a learning curve. 

Many Enterprises are jumping straight to Serverless to get all the benefits of containers without having to think about containers. This workshop addresses the key questions about Serverless, provides the details of implementing a Serverless solution as a cloud-native application, and provides training on using Serverless capability.


Microsoft Office
8800 Lyra Drive
Suite 400
Columbus, OH 43240


November 14, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

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