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Using AKS to Orchestrate Microservices

The microservices design pattern has emerged as a bustling industry trend. Adopting the 12 factor app approach brings with it many benefits, including rapid release to production, segregated application boundaries, individual data stores, and granular security, amongst others. It is common to take a “monolithic” application, an application that may span many many domains, and refactor it to 50, or even 100 services. So, how do we manage these services? Did we just trade development simplicity for operational complexity by adopting this design?

Enter Kubernetes. A robust, stable platform invented by Google, to handle this operational challenge, as well as many others.

Using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), an organization can focus on the stuff that matters, and not the operational challenges of a complex kubernetes deployment. AKS, a completely managed solution, is cloud native and cloud first. Discover how AKS can help you and your teams modernize for today (and tomorrow’s) applications.

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July 31, 2018
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