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Day of Agile

Cincinnati Day of Agile is Cincinnati's largest, longest running, community-run non-profit conference dedicated to software development.

Cardinal is proud to be a Gold sponsor of this one-day event committed to providing first class training so you can develop cross functional teams. Be sure to connect with Cardinal during speaker presentations and visit us at our booth! 

Working with Agile Resisters

presented by Charles Husemann

Every agile transformation hits roadblocks. Some of these are technical but most of them are people related. Resisters not only slow your transformation down but they can negatively impact other members of your team. People fight agile transformations for a variety of reasons and in this session I will discuss ways of getting through most of the common issues. From "Too many meetings" to the change in mindset from "Me" to "Us" we discuss how to get through to get to the root of why they are resisting and how to get them aligned with your vision.

Bad Agile Metrics and How to Find Them

presented by Charles Husemann and Faye Thompson

One of the key features of agile is transparency which is usually done via large visible charts of team metrics in and around the team space. As agile is adopted by large organizations there is usually an effort to standardize metrics and develop organization specific metrics. However these new metrics can drive the wrong behavior or measure the wrong thing. This session identifies common agile metrics and demonstrates how they should and shouldn’t be used. It will also cover how to “coach-up” to ensure that metrics are consumed correctly by upper management. Finally we will also discuss how to identify bad metrics with a few common sense questions.

Personas Non Grata No More

presented by Kris Schroeder and Jessica Rensing

Personas are a valuable tool to help guide product decisions by enabling team members to stay focused on users’ needs, behaviors, motivations and impediments. In this session we’ll use team activities to experience how personas are different from roles and demographics and why having your team empathize with users is important. Come join us as we explore: What user personas are Why they are valuable How personas help you generate successful user stories How to avoid common pitfalls when creating personas

Cultivating Space for Learning

presented by Faye Thompson

Our understanding of how humans learn and create new memories has grown tremendously in the last 20 years. Providing an environment in which people have room to think, and the safety to experiment and adapt is key. We will review fundamental concepts of neuroscience and how they intersect with organizational behavior. We will also review how the agile mindset takes advantage of these concepts. From there, we can begin to envision the conditions that will provide the greatest opportunity for learning and continuous improvement. Together, we will share ideas on how we can start to transform our environments into safe spaces where teams can grow and thrive. Learning Outcomes: -- Understand how we learn, and what learning looks like in the workplace -- Recognize organizational infrastructures that are impeding learning and experimentation -- Design environments that support learning and continuous improvement


The Manor House
7440 Mason-Montgomery Road
Mason, OH 45040


July 27, 2018
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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