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Infrastructure as Code Workshop

Build Azure Infrastructure Using Terraform and Terraform Enterprise

Infrastructure as Code allows the management of your infrastructure including networks, virtual machines, platform services, and load balancers. Utilizing Terraform configuration to describe the desired Azure resources needed for an environment ensures that consistent infrastructure is created each time it is deployed.

This Workshop is focused on:

  • Understanding Infrastructure as Code concepts
  • Terraform as an Infrastructure as Code provider
  • Terraform Enterprise features and benefits

Understanding Infrastructure as Code Concepts
Infrastructure as Code allows DevOps teams to deploy production-like environments early in the development cycle. Declarative code representing infrastructure can also be validated and approved before moving downstream. Using Azure’s cloud platform, dynamic creation, modification, and deletion of infrastructure that is built rapidly, reliably, and at scale.

Terraform as an Infrastructure as Code Provider
Utilizing a simple configuration language Terraform allows for a human readable representation of your infrastructure. The execution plan phase allows infrastructure to be viewed and approved with full confidence that you are changing your environment how you intended.

Terraform Enterprise Features and Benefits
Terraform Enterprise offers a single location to perform all of your Terraform workflows. It is a central place to manage your infrastructure and includes collaboration, governance, and private module registry capabilities.

Who Should Attend

The event is targeted at DevOps teams and managers looking to automate infrastructure deployments. The session will start with core concepts around IaC and then deep dive into how Terraform with hand-on coding.


Microsoft Office
3025 Highland Parlway
Suite 200
Downers Grove, IL 60515


May 23, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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