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The Path to Agility

Join Cardinal Solutions and other national and regional Agile thought leaders who will provide a mix of content focused on business, technical, and/or management topics. Whether you are well along the path to agility and technical excellence, or just starting out, this conference will guide you in the right direction

Cardinal is proud to be a Gold sponsor and a part of the speaker lineup:

An Agile Manager’s Manifesto: Mission Empowerment

by Chris Philipsen and Mark Bradley

In this discussion, we will answer the question of what empowerment truly means, offer a twist on the Agile Manifesto for managers, and share tools that will lead to letting go and building thriving, self-organized teams.

Working with Agile Resisters

by Chuck Husemann

Every agile transformation hits roadblocks. Some of these are technical but most of them are people related. Resisters not only slow your transformation down but they can negatively impact other members of your team.

People fight agile transformations for a variety of reasons and in this session I will discuss ways of getting through most of the common issues. From "Too many meetings" to the change in mindset from "Me" to "Us" we discuss how to get through to get to the root of why they are resisting and how to get them aligned with your vision.

The Care and Feeding of Product Development Teams

Tammy Lawlor

As product owners/managers, we know how important it is to care for our products like they are living, breathing things. However, when it comes to developing winning products, the product is only as successful as the development team behind it. Because caring for the team = caring for the product.

In this session, we will discuss how to care for your product development team using real life examples and evidence from researchers on how individuals and teams thrive at work. And maybe we’ll talk about actually feeding your teams (snacks are always a good idea).

  • Walk away with best motivational practices to try with your Agile development teams
  • Discover findings based on behavioral & neuroscience research on how people -- and teams -- deliver their best work
  • Find out how the information shared in this session applies to the Agile mindset


The Ohio Union
Columbus, OH


May 23-24, 2018
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.





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