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Kanban: WAZE to Navigate the First 30 Days

If you have been following our Kanban series, or have a working knowledge of Kanban, the January session is the perfect launching pad to work on your roadmap for your first 30 days implementing Kanban with your team. In this session, we will help you map out a course to position your team for success by thinking about:

  • How to visualize the process while navigating toward value
  • How to cruise faster with WIP limits
  • How to ensure your team is headed in the right direction with Metrics
  • How to track progress with management
  • How to identify the signals that Kanban may be right for a team


Cardinal Solutions 
7755 Montgomery Road
Suite 510
Cincinnati, OH 45236



January 25, 2018
8:15 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.

Breakfast will be provided.

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