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What's Up with Personas?

Personas are used across a wide variety of design specialties, from User Experience to Industrial Design, and even by our Marketing friends. They’re often a key deliverable of the discovery phase of most projects, and are used to inspire empathy in the minds of the people who will be designing for them.

But after the discovery phase, the personas often die. And they die without ceremony. No tears are shed, there’s no funeral; it’s rare that there's even an acknowledgement of their passing.

For a tool that’s meant to create empathy, doesn't this seem particularly non-empathic?

Join the Cincinnati chapter of IxDA and Ramya Mahalingam to explore why personas typically have such a short lifespan, and learn a few ways to rethink the artifact to better serve its purpose. Ramya promises that this description is as morbid as it will get. She will equip you with the tools needed to truly design systems that take you beyond unintentional stereotypes.


Cardinal Solutions
7755 Montgomery Rd.
Suite 510
Cincinnati, OH 45236


November 14, 2017
6 - 730 p.m.



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