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All Things Open

The All Things Open conference feature well known experts from around the world, as well as new faces you'll be hearing about in the future. This two-day event will cover all things open source, open tech, and open web to help you become better at your do and better members of the community.

Cardinal is excited to share that Rachel Parsons and Van Wilson have been invited to present at this year's event:

Stay Fresh: Keeping Your Aging Mobile Apps Updated

Keeping apps up to date is a fact of life. Google & Apple release major updates every year in addition to incremental updates in between. And with every update comes new features, deprecations, and API changes. How do we work those updates in with the rest of the new features we’re already working on? How do we clean up deprecated methods & refactor to new APIs? How do we convince our stakeholders they should pay for our time and effort to do this work? Budgets and time constraints are always a concern, and the business doesn’t always understand the need to keep the code fresh. We’ll talk about ways to tackle refactoring along the way, methods of adopting new APIs and features, and approaches to estimating and keeping technical debt in check.

We Are All Testers Now: The Testing Pyramid and Front-end Development

Automated testing has a long and deep-seated history in desktop applications, and even server-side web development. In the past few years, testing front-end code has become more commonplace, but it is often sporadic, even among devs within the same project.

In this talk, we'll learn why a systematic, comprehensive approach to front-end testing will lead to better project outcomes. We'll prepare a project to automate:

  • front-end unit testing,
  • integration testing,
  • and functional testing,

— all using JavaScript!

We'll illustrate Test-Driven Development by writing sample tests for each type of test along with the code. Finally, we'll go over some best practices so that you'll get the most out of your new-found testing skills.

To learn more about All Things Open please visit


Raleigh Convention Center
Downtown Raleigh, NC


October 23-24 2017
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


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