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Perfecting Practice Adoption with the Agile Fluency Game

Cardinal Solutions is pleased to host Diana Larsen, co-author of Agile Retrospectives and Liftoff! and co-creator of the Agile Fluency Model, for a one-day workshop.  You'll learn to facilitate the Agile Fluency Game as you hone your team's approach to adopting agile practices. Plus, you'll take home your very own copy of the Game and you'll learn expert facilitation techniques to use in your own coaching, training, and team-building activities.

About the Agile Fluency Game

The Agile Fluency™ Game is a physical, euro-style game that provides a powerful platform for teaching and learning about the benefits and trade-offs of adopting agile practices. The Agile Fluency Game includes 19 unique Agile Practice cards that cover planning, programming, testing, collaborating, and more.

As a player of the Agile Fluency™ Game, you take on the role of a team adopting Agile for the first time. The team’s challenge is deciding how to spend its limited time. Do you develop features or learn new Agile practices? Which features? Which practices? Features are the only way to earn points, but Agile practices help you deliver more.

How will the game help my coaching?

Playing the game is a great way to learn how Agile practices affect real-world software development. Experienced practitioners praise the way the game reflects their personal experiences. Players new to Agile development often find themselves surprised by technical debt or struggling to make time to learn key practices—just like real Agile teams do.

Participants at all experience levels express a new-found appreciation for the importance and challenge of adopting Agile practices.

You will receive your own copy of the Agile Fluency Game and learn expert facilitation techniques to use in your own coaching, training, and team-building activities. You'll also learn how to conduct several bonus activities using the game materials. Each activity provides another way to engage your audience and teach them about important Agile concepts!

Presented by

Diana Larsen
The Agile Fluency Project 

For over 20 years Diana has worked with leaders to design work systems, improve project performance, and support leadership and enterprise agility. She has contributed in leadership roles to the Agile Alliance, the Organization Design Forum, and the Agile Open Initiative.


Cardinal Solutions 
7755 Montgomery Road
Suite 510
Cincinnati, OH 45236



October 10, 2017
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Who Should Attend?

Coaches, scrum masters, trainers, consultants, along with anyone else interested in fun, engaging ways to teach teams about Agile practices.

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Breakfast and lunch will be provided.


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