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Add Intelligence to Your Apps Using Microsoft's Cognitive Services and Bot Framework

Customers demand more from companies these days. Applications must evolve to enable a closer relationship with customers by understanding their expectations more effectively. Do your applications truly portray an understanding of your customers’ individual needs? 

Microsoft’s Cognitive Services take advantage of the vast machine learning capabilities in the Azure Cloud give you great building blocks for constructing intelligent, even conversational, services that you can use to improve your customer experiences. Join this 1-hour presentation where we will go through a number of these services, show you how to take advantage of them within your own applications, and how to use them within the Bot Framework.

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National Cloud Solution Manager

Keith is Cardinal's national lead for cloud applications, based in Cardinal's Raleigh office. He focuses on designing and developing solutions for the Azure cloud platform. 


September 7, 2017
11 a.m. - noon EST

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