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A Microservices Primer for Monolithic App Developers

Many developers know about microservices by now but haven’t had a chance to apply it to a real world, production-ready app. At the September Enterprise Developers Guild Meetup, Lloyd Faulkner from Cardinal Solutions will talk about some of the technical patterns that you’ve mastered in monolithic designs but require a different way of thinking in a distributed system. Are microservices appropriate for all applications or when can it be overkill? What is the local development experience like, and how is the familiar develop/unit test/debug/package paradigm affected? We’ll walk through these and other microservices concepts in a sample .NET app deployed to Azure Service Fabric. We’ll also get into the DevOps side and discuss both Microsoft and open source options for platforms, containers, schedulers, and automation.

This talk is intended for any developer with limited exposure to microservices, though it will be helpful to have some experience with monolithic designs, services/APIs, layered architectures, and data access concepts.


Microsoft Office
8055 Microsoft Way
Charlotte, NC


September 26, 2017
6 - 8 p.m.



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