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Container Orchestration

Containers have burst onto the information technology scene even faster, and with more force than the fidget spinner craze has come to make us question, “what did we do before this?” Simply put, containerization has given developers the ability to package applications and services along with their dependencies, and allowed operations to deploy them with confidence, in most ways pushing the unification of the two groups as DevOps.  

Containers have given developers and operations teams each their respective niceties while increasing unity between them and adding agility to the business. With all of these containers floating around, we need a way to coordinate this madness. Come to imaginationland with me, and learn the value of container orchestration.

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App Dev Consultant

Kevin is an app dev consultant in Cardinal's Columbus office and has been developing software for 16+ years in various capacities. He spends much of his free time keeping up with the latest trends in tech, so that he can apply them to current and future projects. Current interests include containerization technologies such as Docker and Rocket, as well as esoteric programming languages like ArnoldC and LOLCODE. Kevin also enjoys playing the guitar and riding his bike.


September 14, 2017
11 a.m. - noon EST

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