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Scaling Agile - How to Go from OMG to OCM

Join Cardinal consultant's Chris Conlin and Juan Flores for the September Agile Cincinnati Meeting.  

Using Organizational Change Management on Your Agile Journey

How does an organization scale agility successfully? One of the key components is managing the vast amounts of change that the organization will take on, reducing confusion, turnover, and more quickly getting to your end goal. Come join us in this session as we take a look at what organizational change management is and how it can help you take the next step in your agile evolution. Whether you are a small organization with few teams, or a large organization with teams of teams, learning how to effectively manage change will pay off large dividends as you strive to make your organization agile.


Deerfield Crossing Building
5181 Natorp Blvd.
Suite 113
Mason, OH 45040



September 14, 2017
5:30-7:30 p.m.

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