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To Scale or Not to Scale; What is the Real Question

If you think being Agile is hard, just wait until you try to scale beyond a single team. We’ll discuss how you know you’re ready to scale and what we’ve learned to increase your odds of success.

Large organizations with large projects find it difficult to create value quickly enough with just a single team. Many have attempted to scale their Agile development efforts but few have been satisfied with the results. Join us as we discuss when to scale and when not to scale, and the pitfalls and challenges of scaling beyond a single team. You’ll learn about the most popular scaling frameworks and methodologies, and how to determine which one might be right for your organization. We’ll also share some tips and techniques we’ve learned to keep your scaled teams on track.

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Scrum Master
Scrum Master/ Agile Coach


Cardinal Solutions
401 N. Front Street
Suite 210
Columbus, OH 43215



August 17, 2017
8:15 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.

Breakfast will be provided.

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