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Power BI: Dashboard in a Day

Cardinal Solutions and Microsoft understand that in the current economic climate you are being asked to enhance your business by leveraging as much data as possible to make critical business decisions in an efficient, precise and effective manner.

Cardinal is pleased to offer a 1-day Business Intelligence workshop. The goal of the workshop is to help you understand how to gain business insight into your data by leveraging various Microsoft technologies. At the end of the day you will know how to create and share reports in a self-service manner with little to no technical expertise. The entire discussion is based on easily creating, slicing and dicing reports.

In this session we will cover how to: 

  • Unlock Insights from a variety of data by mashing up multiple datasets 
  • Gain real time insights of customers and products in new ways 
  • Rapidly create insightful and visually appealing dashboards 

This is the latest in the series of Dashboard in a Day Deliveries. We will have new content including: 

  • Connection to SalesForce (NEW) 
  • Connection to Hadoop (NEW) 
  • SharePoint Integration (NEW) 
  • Marketo (NEW) 
  • R Integration

Presented by

Data Solutions Practice Manager
Todd manages the Cincinnati Data Solutions Practice. He is a Business Intelligence professional with experience leading, developing and implementing data warehouse, big data, and data visualization projects. Todd is passionate about enabling organizations to make better decisions using good analytics.


Microsoft Office - Cincinnati
4445 Lake Forest Dr.
Suite 100
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242


April 6, 2017
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

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