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Global Azure Bootcamp

We're excited to team up with TampaDev Meetup and IT pro's to bring the Global Azure Bootcamp to the Tampa area. Around the world, user groups and communities will gather to learn about Azure and Cloud Computing. Topics at the Tampa event will include:

DevOps and Azure

Presented by Greg Leonardo

In order to stay two steps ahead of the competition for market share, many companies have begun to fundamentally shift how they work in order to increase the velocity with which they build, test and release software. What originally started from the agile movement is now evolving into a new philosophical way of working: DevOps. So, what is DevOps? 

IoT Overview

Presented by Kevin D. Wolf

IoT is the latest buzz word. As with any technology there is hype and there is reality. In this talk Kevin D. Wolf, Windows Hardware Engineering MVP, will give you a grounds up overview of the reality of IoT, starting from where the data comes from, devices and sensors (The Things). To how this works in the Cloud (The Internet) within Azure. Windows Azure plays a huge part of the Internet of things but without Devices and Sensors you don’t have IoT, we will provide a baseline understanding of these so the Cloud and Azure will make more sense. 

Introduction to Azure IoT Hub

Presented by John Wang

This session will provide an overview of Azure IoT Hub. Azure IoT Hub provides the device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device messaging capabilities and acts as the gateway to the cloud and the other key IoT Suite services. The service enables you to receive messages from your devices at scale, and send commands to your devices. 


Microsoft Gulf States Office
5426 Bay Center Dr.
Suite 700
Tampa, FL



April 22, 2017
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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