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Balancing "Agile" with Continuous Discovery Workshop

The conversation around software development has historically been framed around the software developer’s workflow. As a result, most of the product development methodologies that enterprises typically use work great for developers.

However, these methods aren’t ideal for designers. Trying to break down the design process into a series of sprints is like trying to run a race where the finish line keeps moving. So what product development method really works for the design process, allowing for continuous discovery while still keeping on track with development?

In this workshop, we will talk about how we deal with these challenges, and run through a light version of this method by developing a solution to a problem.

This workshop is particularly useful for those who struggle to adhere to Agile methodologies within the constraints of a final deadline for client deliverables.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Challenges that designers face on projects
  • The pros and cons of some of the most common delivery methodologies
  • A flexible UX methodology that approaches projects through experimenting, vetting ideas, and finding the best solution for continuous discovery

Presented by

UX Architect


Tampa, FL



November 19, 2016


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