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Git Up with Git Basics

Source control is essential for managing a codebase, keeping track of changes, and coordinating your work with other team members. Git is the fastest growing open source source control system today. It's useful if you are working on a large distributed team, or working on personal projects.

In this talk, learn about how to set up your own Git repository, how to push, pull, fork, merge, and branch all on the command line! You'll be able use a GitHub account to easily showcase your projects and collaborate with others in the open source community. Code is social!

Class Goals

  • Understand the basics of version control and how Git works
  • Learn how (and why!) you can use Github to collaborate with your team, contribute to open source projects, or share your code
  • Practice creating a repository, staging changes, making commits, and pushing code on the command line
  • Learn some strategies for undoing things in Git

Requirements & Prep

If you'd like to following along, you'll need a laptop (Mac or PC) and a text editor (try Atom or Sublime).

  1. Sign up for free Github account.
  2. Download Git for your operation system

Mac Users

Windows Users

Presented by

UI Developer


Cardinal Solutions Group
222 S. church Street
Charlotte, NC


November 14, 2016
6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

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