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CloudDevelop is the Midwest's premier conference for cloud technologies and application development. Cardinal is proud to sponsor an event dedicated to bringing together developers and IT professionals who work with a wide variety of cloud platforms and software languages.  Be sure to check out the following presentations bu Cardinal consultants:

Containers Demystified

Presented by Kevin Booth, Consultant

Containers are all the rage. They’re like the raves of the 90's, pastels in the 80's and disco in the 70's. But what the heck are containers? How do they work? What makes them different from a virtual machine? We hear the term "lightweight" used frequently in conjunction with containers...but are they really lightweight? Are they fast? Are they truly cross platform? Stop by and let’s chat! We’ll discuss resource isolation, and how this innovative technology led to the explosive growth of containers. If you incorporate containers in your architecture you’ll never have to use the age old adage "It works on my machine" again.

To Cloud or Not to Cloud: Tough Questions, Real Answers

Presented by Vince Fabro, App Dev Practice Manager

Clearly the cloud is a disruptive technology. But is it really secure? Will we really save money? Will it be reliable enough? There are plenty of questions worth discussing. But the fact remains, companies are moving to the cloud at a quickly accelerating pace, with more and more going all cloud. They are taking advantage of the cost savings, agility, scalability, and many other benefits of cloud computing. But in spite of the benefits many companies have tough questions that compel them to take a slower path to the cloud. I’ve had many “tough questions” conversations with clients, so please bring your own tough questions and let’s talk. We’ll start with a brief overview of the top reasons companies are moving to the cloud. Then we’ll discuss the most common questions companies ask when considering a move to the cloud, including topics such as security, cost, compliance, reliability & SLAs, performance, lock-in, and more – with plenty of real world examples. The goal is for you to be better prepared to answer these tough questions for your company or client.

An End to End Overview of IoT

Presented by Vince Fabro, App Dev Practice Manager

Interested in learning more about the Internet of Things (IoT) but not sure how it fits into your business? Want to avoid some common pitfalls on your first IoT project? Join us for a look at practical, real-world IoT solutions. We’ll take a balanced, end-to-end approach, discussing all the key aspects of IoT solutions, from planning an IoT concept, to the devices, to connectivity and processing, to advanced analytics and presentation -- with many lessons learned along the way. We’ll also discuss case studies of real-world IoT projects, and how to build similar solutions using Azure’s IoT Suite.


The Ohio Union
1739 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43210


August 26, 2016
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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