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Understanding and Leveraging Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

The Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is a product offering that receives a lot of attention and “air time” from Microsoft nowadays. Although many enterprise architects, technical decision makers, and IT Pros have heard about EMS, many don’t know exactly what it is and what it does. In this session, we will be looking closely at EMS and the growing set of identity, security, data, and device management problems that it addresses. We will look at each of the workloads and capabilities within EMS, how they work, and some practical examples of solutions involving each. We will also clear-up the confusion that frequently arises in understanding where Office 365 ends and EMS begins. By the end of this session, you will understand what EMS is, the role that it plays in secure cloud solutions, and why it is a natural fit for consumers already leveraging Office 365 in their day-to-day operations.


  1. A practical breakdown of what EMS is and what it contains
  2. An analysis of how EMS tackles identity, security, data, and device management challenges
  3. Descriptions of practical solutions that can be constructed and enhanced using EMS

Presented by

National Office 365 Solution Manager

Sean is the National Office 365 Solution Manager for Cardinal Solutions where he is responsible for the planning, guidance, and implementation of solutions that commonly involve Exchange Online migration, SharePoint Online deployment, and each of Office 365’s other workloads. Additionally, Sean was recently named a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for his contributions to the Office Development and Office Servers and Services technical communities. Sean is also a gearhead, problem solver, and regular community contributor in various Microsoft product and technical communities.


June 9, 2016
1 p.m. EST

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