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Developers Can, and Should Do Load Testing

When developing applications, it is a challenging (but worthwhile) goal to maximize performance and throughput while minimizing infrastructure costs.  This is particularly important in the cloud, where many companies are shifting their workloads with the goal of getting the biggest bang for their buck. Load testing provides the information developers need to optimize performance under load, and yet many assume that load testing is out of reach – too difficult, time-consuming or costly.

In this webinar we’ll dispel that myth.  For the Visual Studio developer in particular, load testing is well within reach.  We’ll walk through the tooling in detail to see how to build web performance and load tests, and how to execute them.  We’ll discuss multiple approaches for load testing that will help determine how your application performs under various loads, so that you have the information to scale (or auto-scale) your app optimally.  We’ll also discuss load testing backend applications.  The end goal is to convince you that, with Visual Studio in your tool belt, you can do this!

Presented by

National Azure Solution Manager


February 23, 2016
1 p.m. EST

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