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HIMSS Iowa Chapter Meeting

Cardinal Solutions is pleased to be invited to the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Iowa Chapter Meeting. Cardinal CTO Brandon Ebken and GOJO Solutions, Inc will share how the cloud is transforming clinical hygiene through the Internet of Things.

IoT - Applications in Health Care

The explosion of connected devices – from our mobile phones to wearables to “smart” equipment – is having a transformative impact in the industry. In this session, we will discuss several customer solutions that demonstrate the Internet of Things (IoT) “in action” for healthcare. We will deep-dive on GOJO® Smartlink™, an IoT solution developed for monitoring hand-washing compliance. We will also discuss the role of wearables and how consumer IoT promises invaluable insight and analytics for researchers and clinicians.

Session Objectives: 

  • Learn how IoT works 
  • Understand real-world, customer applications of IoT
  • See examples of the rich-analytics provided by IoT solutions

Presented by


Grinnell College
Joe Rosenfield Center
Grinnel, Iowa



January 21, 2016


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