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Microsoft Connect

Tune in and hear Cardinal's GOJO Industries, Inc. cloud enabled healthcare solution showcased during Scott Guthrie's keynote.  You'll see how the cloud is transforming clinical hygiene through the Internet of Things.  Learn how GOJO, makers of  Purell, collaborated with Cardinal to develop a solution for hospitals, urgent care centers, and nursing facilities that allows for 24/7 monitoring, measuring, and improving compliance through devices and the Azure platform.

Microsoft Connect is the premier fall developer conference, streamed from New York City and free for developers around the world. Keynotes and technical sessions feature news, demos, and insights that illustrate how developers are working with Microsoft to capitalize on their evolving roles with powerful and flexible tools that embrace today’s open environments to target Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and more.

This year’s event demonstrates the tremendous progress made on the journey toward a new Microsoft for developers that began last year with the announcements of a cross-platform .NET for Linux and OSX available as open source and the new Visual Studio Community edition for targeting nearly every major device and OS, available for free.

Connect(); will feature a marquee lineup of speakers joining Scott Guthrie to talk code, including; Brian Harry, Scott Hanselman, Amanda Silver, Anders Hejlsberg and Beth Massi alongside many of the customers, partners and industry luminaries who are leading the shift toward mobile first, cloud first computing scenarios.

Full details including the agenda for the 2-day event can be found at


November 18-19, 2015
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.



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