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Agile Metrics - An Introductory Guide to Distracting and Demotivating Your Team

When leveraged correctly, metrics can be powerful tools used to elevate a teams’ performance as well as improving the software that is delivered to customers.

Metrics …

  • tend to be born from well-intentioned  requests to help stakeholders understand project status, cost, and success
  • aren't inherently a bad thing
  • can cause unfortunate distractions when introduced to a team by re-directing focus away from building working software
  • are more than just numbers

In this session, we will look at different types of data that can be derived from your Scrum Team.  We will discuss how you can transform the data from numbers into leading indicators about the project work and our teams’ performance.  During our exploration, we’ll also address potentially nefarious uses of the numbers alone and the negative influence it may have on your team.  Finally, we’ll offer some tips and tricks to help keep your team engaged, motivated and focused on their work. 

Presented by

Senior Consultant
With over 10 years of experience, Rita Emmons has worked on a myriad of projects as a Business Analyst and Quality Analyst in a broad range of industries including aviation, insurance, healthcare, and retail.  Transitioning into a Scrum Master role has invigorated her passion for empowering teams to successfully deliver quality software.  As a trainer for Cardinal Solutions Group, Rita has had the opportunity to work with Analysts in a variety of industries to bridge the gap between traditional and Agile roles and skill sets.


Cardinal Solutions Group
7755 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236


February 26, 2015
8:15 - 9:15 a.m.

Breakfast will be provided.

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