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Agile Leadership Series: Manager on a Mission - The Critical Role of Agile Managers

Managers play a critical role in advancing and improving organizations – and this doesn’t change just because a company “goes agile”. However, agile frameworks say little (or nothing) about the role of managers. This silence is a common cause of confusion and frustration for managers as their organization transitions to agile.

So how do managers fit in? On what should they focus their attention? How do they engage with their agile teams and organizations? Does a manager in an agile organization have a meaningful purpose? A mission? I think they do.

In this session we’ll explore the mission of an agile manager, and we’ll discuss how managers can help their organization maximize the value delivered to customers. We’ll talk about how managers can build healthy teams and measure team health in constructive ways. We’ll also suggest some valuable metrics for evaluating the health of your organization, and how to know if changes you make really help or hurt.

Presented by

Agile Coach


Cardinal Solutions Group
401 N. Front St.
Suite 210
Columbus, OH 43215

Columbus Parking Directions



February 24, 2015
8:15 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.

Breakfast will be provided.

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