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Web Afternoon

Cardinal is pleased to sponsor this half-day event in Charlotte for people that love the web. An afternoon of short talks without ego, some great Q&A and informative panel discussions.

Bermon Painter, of our Charlotte office, is one of multiple top-notch speakers.

Embrace Conflict. Improve Collaboration
One of the largest problems that we face on teams and within organizations is the allusion that communication has taken place. In most cases, when we are faced with the necessity to confront emotionally or politically risky issues we tread lightly in order to avoid hurting feelings. Conflict plays an important and necessary role in the the design process. Healthy conflict increases trust, creates effective dialog and improves collaboration.

During this session we will discuss examples and key skills that will help you:

  • argue effectivelywhile maintaining the correct level of candor and respect
  • approach difficult issues like dealing with an unrealistic scope/schedule, holding - teammates accountable when they perform poorly, or stakeholders that aren't providing - sufficient leadership for a project
  • create successful conflicts that get relevant information in the open
  • encourage teammates to effectively share their opinions and articulate theories

For more info including a list of speakers and registration information, please visit


Wells Fargo Auditorium
430 South Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28202



December 5, 2014
1 - 6 p.m.

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