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Bloatware or Software? Lean Tools for Agile Software Delivery

Wasted time.  Wasted coding.  Wasted effort.  Frustration.  We have all witnessed waste when delivering software.  Join us for a collaborative discussion on common areas of waste and the use of Lean tools within Agile Software Development to avoid the dreaded “bloatware.”  Add a few new tools to your existing Lean toolkit!

In this Agile Leadership Series, we will cover the following:

• Learn where Lean and Agile methodologies are compatible.

• Examine real world applications of Lean Software Delivery.

• Investigate specific Lean tools related to core tenets of Agile software delivery, including visual management and acceptance test driven development. 

• Open discussion and knowledge sharing with fellow practitioners.


Presented by

Senior Consultant, Project Services


Cardinal Solutions Group
401 N. Front Street
Suite 210
Columbus, OH 43215


June 19, 2014
8:15 - 9:15 a.m.
Breakfast will be provided.


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