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Developing Effective Story Cards

In an agile environment, we struggle to produce accurate, appropriately-documented requirements without gold-plating resulting in an overkill of detail. Story Cards, when used properly, help alleviate some of this challenge leading to effective collaboration amongst the team aiding in the desired outcome.

In this session, we will discuss requirements decomposition into concise but accurate story card structure to provide an appropriate level of detail for the team. This creates understanding and facilitates communication for a software product that meets expectations and delights customers. 

Presented by Eric Prock and Rick Ziebarth
Professional Scrum Masters
Members of Agile Advisory Services 


Cardinal Solutions Group
401 N. Front St.
Suite 210
Columbus, OH 43215

Columbus Parking Directions


April 19, 2013
8:15 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.


Registration Link
ph: (614) 545-3860


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