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The People Leader Role in an Agile World - Making the Shift!

Self-organizing and High performing teams are typically what we aspire to build within Agile organizations. However, the surrounding organization, managers and leaders have a significant impact on the level of success these teams are able to achieve. Similar to the shifts and changes team members make during their adoption of Agile, Managers and Leadership team members also have to make changes of their own. In this session we will explore the leadership style shifts needed to effectively manage and lead people in an Agile environment while supporting and promoting a culture of innovation, collaboration and responsibility.

Presented by Gabi Vandermark
IT Consultant / Agile Coach  


Cardinal Solutions Group
Training Room
401 N. Front Street, Suite 210
Columbus, OH 43215

Columbus Parking Directions


January 25, 2013
8:15 a.m.-9:15 a.m.


Elya Shaffer
ph: (614) 545-3860

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for anyone currently working within an Agile environment or those planning on being involved in an Agile environment.


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