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Virtual Reality Brings Holidays to Hospitalized Children

On December 8, Cardinal's Tampa office took a virtual holiday experience to children at Tampa General Hospital. Matt Fedorovich, an Application Developer at Cardinal, created a Christmas-themed Virtual Reality game called Holiday Madness.  With an Oculus Rift headset on, kids were able to meet a time travelling robot who took them on a wild ride to the North Pool as Santa's present cannons went out of control. The kids took turns fending off flying presents through four increasingly difficult levels and collected power-ups along the way.

As reported by ABC Action News, Cardinal's VR event was a chance to lift the spirits of hospitalized kids and give them an opportunity to experience a different atmosphere. In addition to the Holiday Madness game, kids also watched The Night Before, Samsung’s 360 video experience where viewers ride with Santa in his magic sleigh on the biggest night of his year!

Be sure to watch the 1-minute video below, created by Tampa General Hospital Visual Media Specialist Daniel Wallace, that captures kids reacting to the VR experience.


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