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How to Apply Lean and Agile to Software Development

Tags: Agile Enablement

Cardinal consultants Liam Brien and Greg Zimmer recently sat down with Gemba Academy to share how they use both lean and agile in the software development space.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The quote that inspires them (3:01)
  • Their backgrounds (3:53)
  • What it means to be in software development (5:50)
  • How they use lean and agile (7:19)
  • How they first learned about lean (10:21)
  • The kinds of kanban they use (11:53)
  • All about agile (12:34)
  • What they’re looking for in the beta tests (15:10)
  • Some of the challenges they’ve faced (17:56)
  • Lessons they’ve learned from cloud functionality (21:47)
  • Other lean principles they use (24:43)
  • Advice they have for newcomers (28:19)
  • Trends they see coming (29:37)
  • What “Respect for People” means to them (32:30)
  • The best advice they’ve ever received (34:35)
  • A project that didn’t go as expected (35:14)
  • The knowledge or skill areas they want to improve (39:17)
  • Final words of wisdom (41:48)


About The Author

Project Manager

Liam is Project Manager in Cardinal’s Tampa office. He has experience delivering complex solutions in industries such as Financial Services, Manufacturing and Loyalty Marketing. When he’s not delivering IT solutions with Agile and Lean/DevOps methodologies, he stops crime. In a bat suit. In between it all, Liam speaks at conferences and writes about topics he finds interesting (Strategy, Product Development, Demand creation, Dynamics of Delivering complex software solutions and more).

His Favorite Taylor Swift song: Shake It Off

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