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Unlocking Agile Change

Stacy Martin, a Project Services Practice Manager in our Columbus office and Professional Scrum Trainer, took part in a Scrum Tapas video series hosted by Stacy joined other Professional Scrum Trainers to discuss some of their experiences in dealing with stalled agile change within organizations, reasons it has occurred, and ways to overcome the challenges to get it moving again.


About The Author

Professional Scrum Trainer
Stacy is an Agile Transformation Leader, Consultant Practice Manager and Agile Advisory Services Lead for the Cardinal Solutions Group in Columbus, Ohio. Worked with Scrum-based Agile teams for over 10 years. A certified Scrum Trainer, Organizational Change Manager and Project Management Professional who uses the synergy between disciplines to successfully deliver high-quality, high-value solutions for Fortune 500 insurance companies, public utility providers, healthcare organizations and academic institutions.