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Giving Your Product Soul

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Joshua Mauldin, a UX designer in Cardinal's Charlotte office, recently contributed an article to Smashing Magazine, an online magazine for professional Web designers and developers.  He shares his guiding principles for design that gives products a purpose and allows him to grow in his career.  Read about his approach to product design and gain some tips along the way.


About The Author

UI Developer

Van is a senior UI developer at Cardinal Solutions in Charlotte, NC. After majoring in Latin and ancient Greek in college, he naturally gravitated to web development, which he has been doing for more than eight years. Van is serious about Javascript and about making the web accessible for every person, on any device. His goal is give all types of users a better user experience by making online tasks simpler, quicker and more predictable. Lately, he has been fascinated by idea of making front-end development more efficient and less stressful through the use of automated testing. He has extensive experience of testing Angular applications.