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iOS CircleProgressView Control


Mobile applications typically get data from a mobile device’s network connections. At times, that connection is inconsistent and unreliable, therefore most apps have some sort of progress. Regardless if the app is sending, receiving or just plain displaying data, we want to inform the user of its progress. An approach that has been used more frequently by software developers is to use a circle that fills in place of the old progress bars.

Recently, in need of a way to represent a wide range of data, our developers and designers worked together to find an optimal way to represent this data. Our different attempts culminated in a circle progress view. Something that would allow us to clearly state progress while giving additional information to the user around the progress, naturally a circle allows us to encompass our progress visually around text data.


Our solution was the CircleProgressView. It is designed for Xcode 6 to take advantage of Interface Builder live rendering and configuration controls to allow for designers and developers to work more cohesively. It is also written in Swift, Apple’s new language introduced in June 2014. Head over to our GitHub at the link below to view the CircleProgressView and how to use it.




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