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Nintex Workflow for Office 365

A SharePoint Online Workflow Product

Nintex Workflow for Office 365 is a SharePoint Online workflow product that assists organizations in business automation and delivering workflow to everyone, on many devices. It's hosted in the cloud and built based on the new App Model giving you improved portability, flexibility and scalability. Nintex Workflow can handle projects like simple reviews or approvals to complex integration across external applications, cloud services, social media and data sources. It's easy to install and can be activated in seconds to get you started.

The Nintex Workflow for Office 365 User Interface

Nintex provides a powerful and intuitive designer to build 2013 style workflows for Office 365.  It includes a drag-and-drop designer, advanced connectivity and rich features that give users more power and flexibility while developing SharePoint workflows. Nintex Workflow is quick and easy to use and integrates seamlessly into the SharePoint user interface. It empowers business users, developers and IT professionals to automate their own processes in minutes through the drag-and-drop designer.  With the drag-and-drop interface, workflows can be developed by users without knowledge of any coding or advanced development.

The Awesome Connection Capabilities

Nintex Workflow for Office 365 includes actions with capabilities to connect with systems like Exchange server, Lync server, databases and other cloud services. You can stay productive wherever you are by integrating and connecting to social services like Yammer, Twitter and Facebook. Also, you can quickly add web services to your workflow without writing any code.

Out-of-Box Functionality and the Nintex Store

Nintex takes the workflow actions provided by Office 365 and enhances them with its own actions to allow you to build workflows that automate your business processes. Out-of-box it includes actions that integrate with enterprise activities and for those it doesn't include out-of-box, you can download from the Nintex Store. The store contains hundreds of workflow actions you can use to build workflows that help you automate your business and Nintex is adding actions to its store all the time.

Are There Any Limitations?

Like with any new product, there are some services it is still lacking but they are working on getting those actions we need. Also, Nintex Workflow doesn't handle the high complexity in some of the long-running processes that could take months or years to complete and have hundreds of steps. It's more for the simple to mid-level processes you want to automate. 

A Nintex Workflow Example: Provisioning a SharePoint Site

The following example includes steps to developing a workflow that can automate provisioning new SharePoint sites. When there is a need for new SharePoint sites to be created and the users with that need are not Owners, they have to make these requests via email or some other communication tool. This can delay the site creation process and requests can easily be overlooked. For example, you might have a Site Collection that contains a sub-site for each project. When a new project begins, the project manager makes the request for a new site. These sites contain project documents, timelines, plans, team discussion and any other project and project team related information. They allow the team to collaborate effectively without missing important dates. If the site isn't made available in a timely manner, the team isn't going to have that project team home at the start of the project which could cause missed communication or delays in project tasks.

The workflow is a way to automate the process with tasks, task reminders in case the initial email is overlooked and approvals. You could even create a workflow that creates the site automatically requiring no approvals which allows anyone with permissions to the request list to create a sub-site even when they are not Owners.

The downloadable pdf includes the prerequisites, steps and other things to consider while designing and developing Nintex Workflows for Office 365.


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