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Data Insights Immersion with Microsoft

To say that the world of Business Intelligence is rapidly evolving would be somewhat of an understatement these days.  It can be incredibly challenging trying to make sense of all the offerings and how it can work for businesses. Most conversations about BI tooling typically break down into two primary issues.  First, it is very difficult to know enough about all the tools, products and features to be an informed consumer.  Second, even if you have all the right information about the product, determining how to make it a part of your business ecosystem introduces an entirely different reality.

What becomes incredibly powerful is when the business and its technical teams can sit together with solution experts and talk through the product features and how it can solve everyday problems that businesses encounter. This is the goal of the Microsoft Data Insights Immersion (DII) program. 

The DII program provides a one-day, hands-on session that is facilitated by Microsoft Gold BI Partners such as Cardinal Solutions. The DII is not merely a generic demo about all the features provided by the platform. Instead, both business and technical teams directly experience the technology through hands-on scenarios. These scenarios cover a broad range of use cases and provides hands-on experience with the technology components in a live environment. The Data Insights Immersion program is designed to let Cardinal’s implementation experts be the guides, and Microsoft provides the environment to make it happen.

Here is what you could expect if you or your organization is interested in scheduling a DII:

Experience based modules
The whole event is based on experiences and how you or your business could leverage the tools to solve a problem or gain insights. Having a framework to discuss how to use the tools is very impactful as it helps you think of practical applications or maybe challenges the thinking around how a problem is being approached. 

Live environment with prepared data
Prior to the event, the facilitating partner works with Microsoft to get all the tools in place and provision everything needed to have you up and running at the start.  While it's not your data, the scenarios very well may use tools you already own and use.

All the tools, all of the expertise - none of the overhead
Data Insights Immersion has a primary goal: get users in front of the tools solving problems they face all the time.  How can I quickly take data to the cloud?   What can I do with HDInights?  How do I create an interactive analysis that I can share with my organization?  How can I enable decision makers to, well, make better decisions?

It is very realistic that you will leave an immersion session with a similar number of questions, or more than when you came in.  The hope is that the questions are different.  For example, you may walk in asking "What the heck is PowerPivot?" or  "Can I replace my data warehouse with Hadoop?" and leave asking "How soon can I get 64bit Office installed?" or "How soon can we get the XML data we're throwing away into Azure?".

With Excel 2013, PowerBI and now Microsoft's CloudOS, there is a wealth of tools available to explore, transform and analyze all of your data within the Microsoft ecosystem.  If you're interested in finding out more about the Data Insights Immersion program or how we can put Microsoft's Cloud to work for you, let's talk.

At Cardinal Solutions, our data experts are dedicated to enabling businesses to make better decisions.

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