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Why User Experience Matters

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The instant a user visits a website, they are engaging in a user experience. The quality of that experience has a huge impact on that user’s journey. If the user finds their experience pleasurable, then positive results will ensue.


UX Design is essential.

User Experience designers take a different approach to solving business problems. Instead of designing restrictively for a client, UX designers integrate multiple perspectives into their design decisions. Considering client needs, user desires, and technological capabilities gives businesses an upper hand and a competitive advantage.


We are experiencing a technological enlightenment.

User Experience is a fairly new term in the world of Information Technology. Now that we have mastered the skills of networking, programing, and maintaining the web, it is time to refine it.

The first user interface, SketchPad, was demonstrated in 1963. At that moment, a new technological capability was born. Humans now had the ability to directly manipulate graphical objects. Soon came another radical invention that furthered interactive capabilities – the mouse (1965).  More than 40 years later, however, the way humans interact with technology is still evolving. 


It’s more just Human-Computer Interaction.

The term "User Experience" originated as Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) with the invention of the first user interface. HCI has since advanced past simply facilitating basic interaction between humans and computers. It is no longer simply facilitating interaction, just as design is no longer simply creating pretty images. User experience takes the foundations of HCI and adds humanity into the equation.  It is the fusion of those two ideas.


Every touch point matters.

Today, users carry mini-computers in their pockets. Information can be accessed from most locations all over the world.  Generation Z’ers have never experienced life without a constant connection to the world around them. So how do companies stay on the forefront of this technological revolution - by creating great user experiences at every touch point. Each website, application, and social site is an opportunity to directly communicate with users. If a user engages in a positive experience, they are not likely to forget about it.  


You only have 3 seconds.

In our virtually addicted world, users are constantly bombarded with information. Our attention spans have dramatically decreased and it is up to the user to decide what information matters. According to, users make the decision to stay on the site or leave within the first three seconds. Whether users access your website or application for a specific purpose or stumble there by chance, you want to leave them with a positive impression. It is crucial to engage users from the very first second.


Bob likes blue, balloons, and biking.

User insight is key when designing a user experience. UX designers have the ability to create custom experiences that make users feel like they are important. By using research tactics such as ethnography, interviews, focus groups, and user testing, UX professionals are able to provide a vision into the user's thoughts and desires. These methods provide valuable insight and data that is used to design user-perfected experiences.


Keep your users hooked.

Think about a positive experience that you have had in the past week. What about that experience made it memorable and enjoyable? Users appreciate experiences that are simple, easy, and pleasurable. After you have engaged your user, it is important to show that you have something of value to offer.  Once engaged, users are more likely to pay attention to information because they are having a pleasurable experience.


It's a Win-Win.

Great user experiences make your website or application a destination, rather than a pit stop.  By viewing the problem through the multiple lenses and considering data generated by user research, User Experience professionals are able to generate creative and effective solutions. Businesses now have the ability to really understand their users and the opportunity to create experiences that make a positive impact. When the user is happy, everyone wins.


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Rikki is a UX Designer in Cardinal’s Cincinnati office and is passionate about creating awesome user experiences and developing short films.